Learn the Process of an Asphalt Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

The process of having a Lakeland parking lot paving installed for your business is a huge one, but to those who are not familiar with the industry, it can seem like a very complicated process. For some people, the complexity of the asphalt pavement installation process can be very intimidating, so to help you understand what goes on behind the scenes, here is the basic process of the asphalt Lakeland parking lot paving installation.


In order to build a new pavement in a certain area, it is very important to have a good foundation first. In order to accomplish that, the area of installation must first be broken down to remove the existing surface. If there used to be pavement in that area before, this will need to be broken up and removed to make way for the new surface.


Standing water is one of the worst things that can happen to your Lakeland parking lot paving, which is why it is important that your pavement is properly designed for proper water drainage and run-off. This is determined during this step, where the pavement company will determine the proper sloping to give your pavement the right amount of sloping to guarantee proper water drainage.

The preparation of the sub-base

As mentioned before, the foundation of your pavement is essential to the proper installation of your paving and helps guarantee its quality. In fact, the sub-base layer is the most important layer of your entire pavement. The durability of the sub-base is prepared ahead of time to make sure that it is sturdy enough to handle the pavement.

Binder application

The binder layer is also known as the base coat of your pavement. The binder must be durable as well, so it usually contains large pieces of aggregate mixed with oil.

Surface installation

Now that you have a strong foundation for your Lakeland parking lot paving, it is time to install your pavement’s surface. This is the layer that you see when you look at a parking lot or any pavement. This layer is usually made up of a combination of smaller aggregate, sand, and oil, which provides the iconic blacktop look of an asphalt surface.


You have to remember that your Lakeland parking lot paving doesn’t automatically blend with the rest of your existing structure, so after the initial installation, the paving company must transition the old pavement to the new paving to make for a complete parking lot. Afterward, the entire thing is compacted with a roller truck to make sure that the surface is smooth of any lumps or aggregate.

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