Learn the Numerous Benefits of Sealcoating Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

The aftermath of a Plant City parking lot paving installation is just as important as the actual pavement installation itself. While the installation lays a strong foundation for your pavement, it’s up to you, the paving owner, to take care of it in order to help make sure that it lasts as long as it’s intended to.

In addition to sweeping the surface and cleaning out the storm drains, you should also be applying a regular coating of sealant.

Seal coating is one of the most popular forms of paving maintenance, and for good reason. Learn the numerous benefits of a regular seal coating treatment for your Plant City parking lot paving here.

Protects your pavement from the elements

Surprisingly enough, the natural elements and weather are some of the biggest causes of damage to your parking lot paving. The UV rays and heat from the sun can melt the asphalt on the surface of your paving and can cause it to warp and crack.

Standing water that makes its way to your paving surface can get into these cracks, which can eventually widen through the thaw-cycle which causes the water to freeze and thaw, causing the crack to move along with it.

If the foundation is weakened enough, serious structural damage can occur, in the form of potholes. Regular seal coating can protect your paving by providing a layer of protection against these elements.

Protects your pavement from chemicals

Chemicals from cars can cause plenty of damage to your Plant City parking lot paving, especially when left unchecked. This can corrode the surface of your paving and can cause some serious cracking and warping.

The problem with chemicals is that it can cause damage right away, so there might be times when you don’t notice the spill until it’s too late.

However, a regular coating of sealant can provide enough protection for your paving to prevent the damage from getting to your paving. However, it’s important to still clean your paving of any oil or gasoline spills to minimize the damage as much as you can.

Maintains its look

One significant benefit of a regular seal coating session for your Plant City parking lot paving is that it refreshes the clean black look of your parking lot.

Over the years, it is normal for your paving to lose some of that blacktop look. However, with seal coating, you can guarantee that your paving will retain its look, no matter how many years have passed.

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