Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Tips To Ensure Right Compaction During Cold Weather

Winter Haven parking lot pavingTo ensure that the asphalt pavement will last long, Lakeland parking lot paving contractors need to ensure one thing—the right degree of compaction. Every reputable contractor knows that the completion and the success of a pavement depends on achieving the right degree of compaction. This is especially challenging during the colder months because it needs to work in certain temperature to succeed. The thinness or the thickness of the viscosity plays an important role in achieving the right level of compaction.

Here are some tips and practices to achieve just that:

  • Asphalt cement can be damaged if the mix is too hot. That’s why it’s important for the plants to load trucks up to a maximum of 330 degrees Fahrenheit only. Anything higher than that will affect the quality of the asphalt mix. This is not a fixed figure as there are other factors that could affect the mix production temperature, including haul distance and weather conditions. It’s important that the contractor and even the clients are aware of the plant operator’s decision on the right temperature.
  • Make sure that the minimum temperature of the mix is 290 degrees Fahrenheit at the time that breakdown rolling begins. As with achieving the right temperature during transportation of the mix, it is also important to note that the rolling process requires a specific temperature.
  • Unload the last trucks to arrive at the site. It is generally believed that the first couple of truckloads are way cooler than the last batches because of plant startup and the cooler cone of silos. The paver screed needs a hotter mix thus, the importance of unloading the last batch of truckloads that arrived. Hotter mix will also avoid tearing the mat at the start of paving.
  • Avoid using a pickup machine. Using a pickup machine results to 10 degrees to 20 degrees Fahrenheit of lost temperature. End dumping into the paver results to a loss of only 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Or, when it cannot be avoided to use pickup machines, make sure to avoid long windrows.
  • Do not rake the mix because every time the mix is “handled” improperly, it loses a considerable amount of heat. Remember, you need to retain the right temperature from the plant up to the time of the application of the asphalt cement.

These practices are used to achieve the right compaction level. If you are a client of Lakeland parking lot paving and wants to know if your contractor is doing it right, all you have to do is check the temperature of the asphalt cement.

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