Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Preventative Maintenance Tips

People get worried all the time about Lakeland parking lot paving. They look for problems even if they aren’t there because they are afraid that the pavement will break or crack and they have to spend on its repair and replacement. But the thing about driveways and parking lots—especially if they are made with asphalt—is that they are durable and can last for a long time provided they receive the preventive maintenance care they need.


Sealcoating refers to the application of a sealant on top of the surface layer of the asphalt. This protects the asphalt against UV rays, water, and other surface pollutants. You will know that asphalt pavement is coated with sealant when it’s a bit shiny and smooth. The material used in producing the sealant is akin to plastic. It adds another layer of protection to the asphalt surface, thereby prolonging its life.

An asphalt pavement needs sealcoating at least every two to three years. That’s for public parking lots. For private driveways, you have to do it less frequently because there is less vehicular and foot traffic using the pavement.

Crack Filling and Pothole Repair

When there are cracks on the surface, fill it up with a new mix of asphalt. If there are potholes, repair that, too. Preventive maintenance ensures that every small problem is addressed immediately. You shouldn’t let a problem become too big because that will be more expensive to find solutions for. When you noticed that there are cracks and potholes in the parking lot, call a Lakeland parking lot paving contractor immediately and have these repaired.

The amazing thing about asphalt pavements is that they don’t easily get huge cracks and potholes. These usually appear as tiny lines on the pavement that will only get bigger when ignored.

Sweeping and Cleaning

How will you know there are problems on your Lakeland parking lot paving if the pavement is full of fallen and dried leaves, dirt, and trash? Don’t let these things pile up on your pavement. You will be unaware that problems are seething there if you cannot see the surface. Regularly sweep and clean the pavement. And while you’re at it, inspect the surface, too, for any problems that can cause bigger issues in the future.

If you want your pavement to look its best always, prepare to do preventive maintenance on it. The three things listed above are the most basic things you can do. They will prevent long-term problems and expensive repair jobs.

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