All About Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Potholes

Lakeland parking lot pavingEvery winter, the amount of snow and ice pavements receive cause potholes and cracks on them come Spring time. Municipalities all around the country continue to speak out against the problems posed by the winter season on their roads and pavements. The seriousness of the issue had even pushed local committees to think of ways how to protect their roads and Lakeland parking lot paving from the harsh effects of winter.

Although potholes are generally only a few inches deep, it could get deeper and deeper when the problem is not addressed. This can cause major issues on roads, pavements, parking lots, and driveways. For commercial property owners, they must immediately address the issue and begin fixing the problems as soon as possible lest, they want to face bigger and more expensive repair issues in the future.

Where do potholes come from?

Potholes are often caused by pavement fatigue, which is caused by the aging of the asphalt or the cement material used on the said pavement. Pavements often lose its flexibility and resistance to water because of years of exposure to water and traffic. That is why most contractors advise homeowners and business owners to have sealcoating applied on the pavements of their properties. This should only be applied every couple of years, but it protects the pavement from exposure to sun, water, and other harsh weather conditions.

The drainage should also be properly maintained because if not, water from the surrounding surfaces can seep into the pavement down to the base layers. This can weaken the structure of the pavement because once the base layer has been affected by water, cracks would begin to surface on the top layer, leaving the pavement severely weakened.

When cars, trucks, and other vehicles pass by on the damaged part of the pavement, chunks of cement or asphalt will begin to come out of place. When this happens, the potholes will start to be formed and it will continue to deteriorate until that area is fixed or until the pavement is no longer passable.

The thing is, potholes are avoidable and certainly preventable. There are loads of ways to prevent potholes from developing on your pavement, the most common and simplest of which is to simply maintain your pavements as best as you can. This includes having a contractor at hand to check the pavements for any issues regularly and recommend the proper maintenance routines to prolong the pavement’s usability.

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