Lakeland Parking Lot Paving: Is Resurfacing Better Than Replacement?

If your Lakeland parking lot paving is suffering from pavement issues, you may be thinking of repairing or replacing it totally. But do you really have to go down this route? Can’t you do resurfacing? You may not need to replace the pavement totally because that will cost more. Rather, you can look at resurfacing the top layer of the pavement to save on the cost of the materials and labor.

You need to make an informed decision about the right way to solve your predicament. Here is some information on what differentiates resurfacing and replacing the pavement:

An asphalt overlay and pavement resurfacing are always used interchangeably. It is the process of installing a new layer of asphalt over the existing pavement surface. Workers don’t need to remove the existing layer. Instead, they will work to make sure the additional layer will fit in nicely with the existing one. An asphalt overlay is at least one-and-a-half inches thick. It can also be two inches thick.

Reconstruction is also called total replacement. It refers to not only laying a new layer of asphalt pavement on the parking lot or driveway but also installing a new subgrade asphalt layer. This is usually more expensive than resurfacing because the contractor also has to work with the subgrade asphalt layer.

Condition of the Base Layer

However, resurfacing the pavement can only be done when the base layer is still in a stable condition. If the base layer also has issues, those need to be addressed first. It can only be done when the surface has been heavily oxidized. But before the resurfacing process, the paving contractors will need to evaluate the condition of the subgrade and base layer. They will use core testing to make sure the layers below the surface pavement are ready for a resurfacing.

Resurface or Reconstruction?

It is not recommended to do pavement overlays when there are already excessive damages on the surface of the pavement. Massive alligator cracks and potholes, for example, cannot be solved by overlay or resurfacing. What you would need is a reconstruction of the pavement’s surface.

When it comes to heavily damaged Lakeland parking lot paving, it is more practical and economical to reconstruct the pavement than do overlay or resurfacing. So, call a contractor and have your pavement inspected before deciding the most ideal course of action for it.

A Lakeland parking lot paving should last for decades. If you can learn how to detect minor repair needs and apply an overlay when needed, you won’t need to go through an expensive reconstruction project.

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