Lakeland Parking Lot Paving: How Companies Install New Pavement

You might be curious to know how a Lakeland parking lot paving company lays the groundwork for asphalt pavement. They make it look so easy, don’t they?

In the morning, you pass by them as they prepare the area to be paved. That same night, they could be laying down the final touches to the asphalt pavement. Does it look like magic to you? It certainly feels that way, but you should know there’s a lot of work involved in the process.

Preparing the Surface

Whether it’s a mall parking lot in Florida or a little strip of a street in New York, pavers will do what needs to be done first, which is to prepare the surface for the new asphalt.

The process is the same—break down the old asphalt pavement, remove and cart the pieces away, and maybe recycle the pieces with the new asphalt to be applied. The last step is what makes asphalt the most environmentally-friendly choice.

Making the Foundation Rock Solid

The Lakeland parking lot paving company will grade the roadbed to ensure that there’s proper drainage. This is an important step because this will be the foundation of your new asphalt pavement.

When water can pool on the roadbed, it can weaken the whole structure of the pavement, creating potholes and cracks. It is also important to ensure that the roadbeds are sloped so that runoff will go to the proper drainage sites.

After the roadbed was prepared structurally, the paver will install the sub-base layer. This layer will act as a frost barrier that will ensure proper grading and sloping. For more durability and stability, the sub-base is usually thicker and more compact.

Applying the Binder

The next step is applying the binder. This is a layer of large pieces of asphalt-aggregate mixed with oil. It provides durability and strength to the pavement.

Like the roadbed and the sub-base layer, the binder is an integral component in ensuring that the surface pavement can handle the traffic load. Mistakes made in this step can weaken the structure of the pavement, creating potholes and cracks easily.

Placing the Final Layer

The final layer is composed of smaller pieces of aggregate, sand, and oil. This is the jet-black asphalt that has become familiar to all of us. It is important to keep the composition of the surface layer as compact and as pure as possible.

The surface pavement must be smoothened over by a roller truck. The Lakeland parking lot paving company should also apply a seal coat over the top layer to keep the pavement looking new and fresh.

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