Lakeland Parking Lot Paving: Everything You Need to Know About Summer Maintenance

The summer seasons are finally here and to a lot of people, this can mean a lot of things. For the younger population, summer means vacation and fun. For owners of a Lakeland parking lot paving owners, the summer season means the season of pavement maintenance.

Any pavement owner will tell you that the summer season is the best time for any pavement-related methods. Here is everything you need to know about summer maintenance for your Lakeland parking lot paving.

Why summer?

You might be wondering why the summer season is the best season for everything asphalt pavement related.

This is because no matter what you do for your paving, whether you’re installing a new asphalt paving or seal coating it, the warmer summer months provide the ideal environment to carry out these kinds of jobs for your paving.

Asphalt is best worked with during the warm season because asphalt is generally a warm material and is more pliable under the heat. Not only does the warmer season make it much easier to work with asphalt, but the heat also allows it to dry more evenly, which helps make it much more durable.

If you were to work with asphalt during colder seasons, you will find that the pavement will be difficult to work with and will end up drying unevenly, which will compromise the integrity of the pavement as a whole.

What are the common types of damage caused by the summer season

When it comes to the summer season and your paving, you should also be aware of the kind of damage your pavement will see as a result of the heat.

While the warmth does lend a hand in making sure that your pavement maintains its structural integrity, extreme heat temperatures can cause damage to it at the same time. Because of this, your maintenance should also include steps to make sure that your pavement remains undisturbed by the heat.

Some of the common kinds of damage your pavement may experience because of the heat include: warping because of the UV rays of the sun, cracking due to shrinkage, as well as corrosion and cracking caused by oil and gasoline leakage from cars.

What kind of repairs and maintenance can I do?

Fortunately, it is easy enough to address these issues in your Lakeland parking lot paving. To start with, you can repair and seal all cracks that you find on your paving surface. If the damage has become more extensive, you may have to look into resurfacing your pavement.

All kinds of repairs can be carried out successfully during the summer season because of the high heat. However, the most important form of repair you can do for your paving is seal coating the surface of your paving. Seal coating can go a long way in protecting your pavement from all kinds of damage.

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