Lakeland Parking Lot Paving: Features of Quality Commercial Parking Lot

What’s the first thing that you notice about a business complex? What’s one of your worries when you’re about to visit a new mall or store? Isn’t it the parking lot? Aren’t you concerned about the state of Lakeland parking lot paving where you’ll be leaving your vehicle? You cannot just hire anyone to construct your parking lot pavement. You can’t entrust it to just about anyone you picked off Google’s search result page. You want to make sure you’re entrusting your property to an experienced paving company.

Here are the four key features of a commercial parking lot:

Smooth Integration With Existing Pavement

If there is already an existing parking lot pavement, you must make sure that the newly constructed one will be smoothly integrated into your present parking lot. Precision should be prioritized. The smooth transition of the old pavement to the new pavement will ensure the safety of those using the parking lot. Aesthetically, the parking lot will also look better when the new pavement is constructed smoothly.

Good Gravel Base

The gravel base is the sub-base of the pavement. A good gravel base will ensure the strong foundation of the pavement’s surface layer. This is important because the sub-base is responsible for “carrying” foot and vehicle traffic. Without a proper gravel foundation, the pavement will buckle under the weight of the vehicles passing on it. The installation of the sub-base is one of the most critical components in constructing a Lakeland parking lot paving.


Without proper drainage, water will pool on your pavement’s surface layer. It can weaken the structure of the pavement after water seeps through the cracks of the pavement. Preventing the buildup of standing water should be one of the priorities of your business. Designing a well-functioning drainage system, therefore, is essential to the stability of the pavement. It will also prevent long-term damage to the pavement.

Even Surface

Pavers should prevent potholes and cracks from appearing on the pavement’s surface. They should also ensure an even surface because accidents can happen when the pavement is uneven. The best pavement companies are very detailed that they hire skilled workers to use hand rollers and plate compactors to even out any imperfections on the pavement’s surface.

Look for these four features when you check a Lakeland parking lot paving company’s portfolio. The agency should show you how they plan to construct a smooth and durable parking lot pavement.

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