Lakeland Parking Lot Paving 101: FAQs About Asphalt Overlay

There are plenty of repairs and maintenance that is needed to keep a Lakeland parking lot paving in good condition. One of the most common forms of repair that you need to do for your paving is an asphalt overlay. This is best for minor surface damage. As a paving owner who may need this sometime, here are some FAQs that are addressed about asphalt overlay for the benefit of your Lakeland parking lot paving.

What is an asphalt overlay?

Before anything else, you might be wondering what an asphalt overlay is. An asphalt overlay is a form of repair that is carried out by applying a layer of new asphalt over the damaged surface. This is meant for specific types of damage and should not be used for all forms of asphalt damage.

When is this used?

Now that you know what an asphalt overlay is, when is this supposed to be used on your paving? Keep in mind that an asphalt overlay repair is used to repair surface damage.

This refers to large cracks and potholes, which is damage that is bad enough to need a repair, but not serious enough to require a full paving replacement. Keep in mind that an asphalt overlay service should not be used for foundational issues like alligator cracking, root damage, and other similar issues.

How long does this repair last?

As useful as an asphalt overlay is for the repair and maintenance of your Lakeland parking lot paving, it’s important to understand that this isn’t something that will last forever.

It can reinforce your paving and seal up any cracks on your paving, but after enough time, the cracks will start to show through the overlay. However, as long as you continue to take care of your paving, you will find that it can add more years to the life of your pavement.

How is an asphalt overlay applied?

So how exactly is an asphalt overlay applied to your paving? The very first step to the application of an asphalt overlay is the assessment of your paving. Your pavement has to be properly assessed first to determine if an overlay is the best choice for your paving.

If your pavement shows any signs of structural damage, then a different form of repair has to be considered. When your pavement has been assessed and found to have surface damage, then the process and continue.

The asphalt is then prepared by milling the pavement. If there are issues with the base of the pavement, then this will need to be addressed first before proceeding with the overlay. Once the surface has been prepared, the overlay is then applied.

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