How Do You Know It’s Time To Repair Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

We know, we know. You invested a lot of money in your asphalt pavement, so why is it suddenly cracking and why are potholes appearing on the surface? There are a lot of reasons why Winter Haven parking lot paving may be damaged—from the weather conditions to the environment to the vehicles that use the pavement. It is quite annoying for owners to suddenly have to deal with a dilapidated pavement because it takes a huge amount of money to have these repaired.

What are the factors that constitute a need for pavement repair? How do you know that the pavement needs repair and even replacement? There are obvious signs, of course, but there are also little tell-tale signs that should trigger your radar.

When tiny thin lines appear on the surface

These tiny lines may be the very first thing that you’ll notice on the pavement. They are a little obscure at first, but they will be more visible when you continue to use the pavement even when there are thin lines already. Vehicles passing by those thin lines and parking on them will put pressure on the pavement. This could worsen the problem and soon enough, large cracks could begin to appear on the surface. As soon as you notice these thin lines, call your contractor and have them check the pavement because they can do mini repairs on the surface and prevent further damage from happening.

When the side edges start cracking

Walk around the sides of your pavement. What did you notice? Are the edges starting to crack? Are large chunks of the pavement coming off already? You may not think about these twice but this could be the start of something major. If these cracks go unnoticed and untreated, it could slowly creep to the middle of the pavement and cause a great trouble to people and vehicles using the said pavement. Never be neglectful to the point that your property will suffer the consequences.

When parts of the pavement collapsed

When this happens, you’re in major trouble. This means that the layers below the pavement surface have already collapsed which caused the surface to also collapse. No man or vehicle can pass on a pavement when an area has already collapsed because there is a big chance that accidents will happen. Once you see this happen on your pavement, think big money because you will have to spend a large amount on this kind of repair.

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