How To Keep Your On-Campus Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Maintained

You might not know it, but different types of Lakeland parking lot paving require different levels of maintenance. If it’s an area that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic, then the main point of maintenance would be to watch out for any damage caused by the natural elements. When it comes to campus parking lot paving, there is a lot of maintenance involved, because of the large amount of traffic it receives, both vehicular and foot. Here is an overview of what you can do to maintain your on-campus parking lot paving.

Do your heavy maintenance work during breaks

When doing heavy maintenance work on your paving, such as crack filling and seal coating, it is recommended that you do all these during the school break. This helps guarantee that any heavy maintenance work can be properly attended to without worrying about deadlines, which may lead to sloppy work. This also prevents any disturbances during classes which may be caused by the construction work.

Make sure that there are clearly marked paths for pedestrians and bikers

Providing clearly marked paths for pedestrians and bikers guarantees they are kept safe away from traffic and the risks involved. Do not allows pedestrians, bikers, and vehicles to mingle on the same paths, as this may cause accidents for all the parties involved. This also minimizes the risk of traffic congestion within the campus.

Consider your pedestrians the same way you would consider the vehicles

It can be easy to overlook the needs of pedestrians when it comes to paving, because compared to vehicles, they do not take up as much space. When students are rushing to and from class, they do not usually take the time to pay attention to where they’re going. If your pavement is uneven and cracked, students may accidentally trip on it. Prevent this from happening by filling in cracks, evening out the pavement, and repainting the indicators that show where pedestrians are to pass in order to avoid any liabilities.

Maintaining your on-campus Lakeland parking lot paving is important for the image of your university. When prospective students visit your university, one of the first things they may see if the parking lot of the university. If it looks poorly maintained and rundown, they decide to attend a different university. As long as you do the proper maintenance on your parking lot paving, then there is nothing to worry about.

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