Installing Plant City Parking Lot Paving the Right Way

For something that is a huge construction project, the process of installing a new Plant City parking lot paving can be quite a delicate one. This is because every single stage that is involved in the paving process is crucial to the pavement’s structural integrity. Without it, you will end up with paving that is weak and prone to damage. To help you see what proper installation looks like, here is a close look at what happens when your Plant City parking lot paving gets installed.

The old pavement is demolished

If you have an existing parking lot, this will need to be demolished before they can proceed with the rest of the installation process. The pavement will have to be broken apart and the pieces of debris removed. After the large chunks have been removed, the site will have to be swept of dust and smaller pieces of debris. Not only does this guarantee a more stable pavement, but it also helps avoid any structural issues that may arise if you pour new asphalt on top of an old one.

Slope grading

The slope grading of new pavement is needed to help with drainage. Without it, you risk standing water on your pavement, which can cause serious damage to the material. Good asphalt pavement will have to be graded properly to allow for the right slope.

Foundation preparation

It’s important to note that the foundation of your pavement plays a huge role in how well the rest of your paving will hold up against the regular wear and tear that the surface layer is going to be dealing with, so the foundation needs to be prepared properly.

Binder layer

Once the sub-base and the rest of the foundation have been laid down, the binder is poured out. This is made up of oil and aggregate and is important for the durability of your pavement.

Pavement installation

This stage is where the rest of your Plant City parking lot paving is installed. The asphalt is poured into the area, which makes up the rest of the pavement. It’s important that the previous stages are properly carried so that you can guarantee that the installation goes off without a hitch.

Final touches

You may assume that once your pavement has been installed, it would be time to open. Keep in mind that there are a couple of things that need to be taken care of before you open for business. This includes the compaction of your pavement, which helps guarantee its stability. Not only that, but you have to give your parking lot enough time to cure, which allows it to set properly. Negelcting these steps and opening your parking lot prematurely can lead to the early deterioration of your pavement.

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