The Ins and Outs of Plant City Parking Lot Paving Markings

Winter Haven parking lot pavingIn ancient times, the only markings and signages they used on the roads were made of bricks, stones, and other materials. It wasn’t until the modern times of 1900s that white painted markers were applied on the roads to make it easier and safer for road users to navigate them. The same can be said about Plant City parking lot paving markings. Though we tend to overlook these markings and their importance to our lives, we should realize that they are there for our own protection.

What kind of markings do you see on your roads and your parking lots? Reflective buttons and mechanical devices are sometimes used on the roads as lane markers. However, there have been some criticism about their harmful effect on the environment, and that’s why most governments have decided to use water-based paint or thermoplastics. Previous studies have shown that pavement paints contain solvents such as naphtha or toluene. These two chemicals have been banned in some states due to environmental concerns.

Ideal for pavement markings are water-based paints. But because they seldom last longer than four years, they are mostly used on roads that receive very little traffic. If subjected to high volume of traffic, the paint will not last long and will wear out in less than two years. Though it is possible to re-apply it, the material is expensive and the time it will take for it to dry out will affect the businesses in the area.

On the other hand, thermoplastic markings can last up to six years particularly in warm climates. It is only when they are used in states that experience harsh winter conditions that thermoplastic may not be the most popular and practical choice. In fact, they can be easily damaged by snowplows, resulting to a shorter lifespan. Compared to water-based paints, thermoplastic markings have superior reflective properties. What those who use water-based paints do is to mix in reflective beads to the paint. This gives the water-based paints an almost similar appearance to the thermoplastic markings.

You may not notice it, but we are completely dependent on these white marking we see on the roads and on parking lots and driveways. We comply to it because we know that following such markings mean we’re a step away from accidents. It has become second nature for us to follow these “rules” because we grew up seeing them and subconsciously following them. If you have a home or a business, make sure the driveway or parking lot is properly marked.

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