Including Trees in Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving Design

Trees are a fantastic addition to any property, and if done right, make a great compliment for your Haines City parking lot paving. They provide shade, and they provide a sense of natural beauty to your parking lot, and do a lot to break up the monotony of the blacktop.

Especially in the summer, the trees provide a welcome break from the unrelenting heat of the sun, which is a cool welcome for your customers. The trees, combined with the clean, black asphalt, can really bring the visual impact of your parking lot to a whole other level.

However, if you’re considering including trees in the layout of your parking lot, you have to plan accordingly, or face the consequences of not planning out your trees layout properly. You have to remember that when trees grow, their roots tend to get a bit out of hand, and can break up any pavement located nearby.

As long as there is good soil nearby, the tree roots may eventually make its way there. Now that you understand the risks of improperly placed trees near your parking lot, here are some tips that you can keep in mind so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of your trees, and combine it with your parking lot pavement with risking either one.

The very first thing to consider when planning where to plant trees near your parking lot is laying them out in locations where they are far from your pavement. They’re supposed to grow harmoniously with the paving without damaging it. Trees in parking lots are typically placed in islands, turnarounds, and pavement cut-outs.

However, there are times when space is limited, so in that case, proper measures must be taken. Some paving companies will build a physical barrier around the roots of the tree, preventing it from spreading to its surroundings. These barricades are located underground, and are usually about two feet in length.

When planning your parking lot layout, it’s important to choose trees that don’t obstruct the view, or they may be considered a safety concern. They should also be properly maintained so that they don’t get in the way of drivers and pedestrians.

When considering trees for your parking lot, you should also know what tree root damage looks like in your parking lot pavement, for easy identification. These often take the form of bulges and parts of the pavement where the roots are pushing up the pavement. If there is no bulging yet, you may notice cracking and breaks along the areas where the roots are growing.

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