5 Important Facts About Winter Haven parking lot paving That You Should Know About

There are a lot of interesting and important questions about Winter Haven parking lot paving. Instead of having to nitpick each and every answer from Google, we decided to compile every fact about asphalt pavement that is essential for your business.

Fact #1

Asphalt can be applied easily and quickly. That means that your pavement will be ready in a matter of days (not weeks) if you choose asphalt as the material. It dries easily, so business can resume as usual. This is especially beneficial if you are undergoing renovation and you have to close a certain area of the property.

Fact #2

About 94% of roads in the United States are made of asphalt. When taking the interstate highways into consideration, there would be about 65% of them that used asphalt. Knowing how America values their infrastructure, this only proves the point that asphalt is the trusted material in North America.

Fact #3

Asphalt is recyclable. Environmentalists would be happy to know that using asphalt is a recycling process, and that there are fewer fossil fuels affected when business owners and government units decide to choose asphalt over cement.

But aside from the environmental benefits that it presents, this one key characteristic is able to save Americans about $1.5 billion a year. Since companies use recycled asphalt to pave roads and highways, the cost is significantly lower than if they use cement or concrete (which, by the way, tends to halt businesses because it takes too long to dry).

Fact #4

If you are fond of watching automobile commercials, you might have noticed that most of them are on asphalt pavement. That’s because it’s easier and smoother to drive on an asphalt surface than on a concrete one. Since asphalt is applied warm, it’s easier to manage and smooth over. It creates a rather smoother surface than concrete ever could. We have never watched an automobile commercial that used a concrete pavement to highlight the car’s features.

Fact #5

Asphalt resurfacing makes asphalt pavement almost as good as new. It is durable and smooth and quiet to drive on. It also takes a mere day to finish resurfacing an old asphalt pavement. This is completely unlike concrete, which repair and resurfacing can be a huge project that affects both the business and the customers.

These cool five facts will help you decide whether or not to choose asphalt for your pavement, though we bet you have made up your mind by fact #1 already.

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