The Importance of Drainage in Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving

Anyone who has worked with Haines City parking lot paving knows how bad water can be for your asphalt paving. It is one of the natural elements that your paving will be regularly exposed to that can potentially cause a lot of damage to it if left unchecked.

Water can get into any cracks found on the surface of your paving, which allows it access into the internal structure of the asphalt. By doing so, it can break down the asphalt binder used to bind the asphalt mixture because the oils used in the binder do not mix with the water.

Water getting into your paving is especially damaging during the winter seasons. This is because if water gets into the inside of your paving, it will stay there if there is no proper drainage system in place for your paving.

When the freezing temperatures set in, the water freezes and expands. This can cause the cracks to widen even further. Eventually, this will eventually lead to potholes forming on your asphalt paving.

If water gets below your asphalt paving, it can cause some foundation issues and damage. If there is no adequate drainage for water to flow out of, water can pool at the bottom of the paving, which can severely weaken the materials found in the bottom layers of the paving.

If you combine this with the regular traffic load that your parking lot takes on everyday, then the foundation of your paving will eventually be severely damaged, and potentially collapse.

During the installation of your paving, it’s important that a proper drainage system be considered for your parking lot paving. You can look into utilizing paving options such as porous asphalt, which makes use of a coarser material, which drains water safely through the asphalt, through a rock base, and into the soil without damaging the asphalt material.

Your paving must be built with a slight slope in order to run water off the surface of your paving. If there are puddles forming on the surface of your paving, you have to take it as a sign that your paving isn’t sloped enough to run off the water. Puddles can lead to potholes and other internal damage, so you want to minimize the risk of puddle formations as much as possible.

However, if your paving has already been installed, and you’re not sure about the drainage system installed, you can perform routine maintenance procedures in order to make sure that water does not get into your Haines City parking lot paving. These include regular sealcoating, crack sealing, and regular patches on all damages.

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