The Importance of Catch Basins in Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

Believe it or not, one of the most important keys to keeping your Lakeland parking lot paving in tiptop shape is through a proper drainage system. Plenty of pavement owners ignore the drainage system in favor for other parking lot issues, like cracks and potholes.

While these are also important, you can actually help prevent these issues as long as you have a proper drainage system. In parking lots, a catch basin is installed in order to help with the drainage on your parking lot.

The main reason why catch basins are so important is because water is one of the biggest causes of damage on your parking lot paving. If standing water is left on the surface of your paving without any proper drainage, this can get into the interior of your paving through cracks found on the asphalt surface.

After enough time, the water can cause more cracking, as well as widen pre-existing cracks. Eventually, more severe damage may occur in the form of potholes and other types of paving damage. The best way to prevent any of this happening s by making sure that the catch basins on your pavement are properly maintained.

What is a catch basin?

First and foremost, what is a catch basin? Catch basins are underground basins that help filter out dirt and other kinds of debris before the water gets drained off to a separate basin.

You can usually find these with a steel grate on top of it. The slope of the pavement is carefully calculated to make sure that rainwater drains off into these catch basins with no issues.

Like your pavement, these don’t last forever

Some people make the assumption that just because their catch basins look sturdy enough, these will last forever functioning the same way that it did when it was first installed. The same assumption is often made of parking lots.

And in the same way that pavement doesn’t last forever, neither do catch basins. If these have been installed by a reputable company, then they certainly will hold up, but there are a variety of factors that may potentially damage your catch basin, given enough time and exposure.

Catch basin repair

If you find that the catch basin in your Lakeland parking lot paving is damaged, it’s very important that you have this fixed as soon as possible. As we’ve said before, standing water left on the surface of your paving is the beginning of your pavement’s damage.

Make sure that you contact a reputable and professional Lakeland parking lot paving company to guarantee a high quality level of repair.

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