If Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Show These Signs of Damage, It’s Time for a Repair

Your Plant City parking lot paving is an investment. And like all investments, it’s important to make sure that you protect and maintain it. One thing that you should always look out for when it comes to your paving is signs of damage that can indicate that it’s time for a repair.

If you leave these unattended to, you will find that these signs of damage will eventually get worse, which will lead to an even more expensive form of damage to your paving, which will become too costly to repair. As soon as you see these signs of damage on your Plant City parking lot paving, you should have it repaired as soon as possible.

Large cracks

Cracks are the most common form of damage that you’ll see on your pavement. As much as possible, always keep an eye out for any new cracks that form on your paving surface, particularly the larger ones.

This is because while they seem insignificant at the time if these are left unattended, it may lead to more serious forms of damage later on. Water can get into these cracks, which can lead to a freeze/melt cycle which can cause the crack to widen even further, which will lead to more serious forms of damage, like potholes.


Speaking of potholes, it’s very important that you prevent these from forming. If you see potholes on your pavement, then this may be a sign that there are some cracks on your paving that have not been filled.

Potholes are very serious forms of damage to your paving that cannot be fixed by simply filling in the pothole. When you see potholes in your paving, you might have to look into replacing your pavement.

Drainage issues

Water is one of the most common causes of damage to your Plant City parking lot paving. Not only can water get into your paving, which can cause crack widening, but standing water that is left on the surface of your pavement can wash away the binder that holds your paving aggregate together. This can lead to a weaker pavement, which can invite cracks and other forms of damage to your pavement.


While not as problematic to your Plant City parking lot paving as the other items on this list, faded markings on your paving can be an issue for the safety of the drivers and pedestrians who find themselves on your pavement.

These markings help guide the flow of traffic, which is important for maintaining the safety of your customers. Make sure that you freshen the markings on your pavement regularly.

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