How Winter Can Affect Your Asphalt Pavement

Are you feeling the cold already? Winter season is almost here, so it means that your Plant City parking lot paving may need to undergo repaving or preventive maintenance measures. Although many people delight at the thought of winter, businesses feel otherwise because it can be the cruelest season for parking lots and driveways.

It is not uncommon for business owners to be surprised with the amount of damage that their parking lots incurred between autumn and spring. Understanding how this season can affect your asphalt will help minimize the impact of the winter on it.

Freezing temperature

The worst thing that can happen to your Plant City parking lot paving because of the constant freezing and thawing that occur during winter. When temperature fluctuates, asphalt pavement contracts and expands, so the pressure can cause the pavement to crack. However, as long as water penetration is prevented, your parking lots should remain in good shape.

When water freezes, the pavement expands and it exerts upward pressure on the pavement. This can cause erosion to the base that is supporting the pavement. It can also cause cracks and spider lines to the surface layer. On the other hand, when the ice thaws, it can cause the pavement to shrink and thus create a pothole. Once the pavement sags, water can get on it and damage the base even more.

In short, freezing temperature can result to larger cracks, potholes, depressions in the pavement, and alligator cracking. To prevent this, hire a professional maintenance contractor to repair all pavement breaks before the first freeze.


You can hire a professional to remove snow from your Plant City parking lot paving. However, make sure you are not paying an amateur because if the blades are set too low, it can result to gouge on the pavement.

Aside from the possible marring the pavement’s appearance, wrong snowplow can also remove chunks of asphalt. This can give another way for the water to penetrate the pavement. To prevent this, you need to hire a professional and reputable company with a high-grade machine that will be used to clear your pavements of snow.

When you have a business which Plant City parking lot paving you need to take care of, repavement and maintenance of pavement can feel like a burden. There are many different areas of your pavement that needs attention, especially during the winter. So, whenever the season is about to arrive, make sure to hire a respectable and reputable team to help check out if your pavement needs to undergo maintenance measures.

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