How Will the Cold Affect the Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Process?

Because of unforeseen circumstances, your Lakeland parking lot paving may end up breaking anytime during the year. Ideally, you should only have your paving worked on during the warmer months, as this is the best time to set your paving for maximum durability.

However, you cannot plan for emergencies with your paving, so what are you going to do if an issue comes up with your paving and it happens during the colder seasons? Read on to learn more about how the cold weather and seasons can affect the Lakeland parking lot paving process.

What’s the big deal with the cold?

Before anything else, you might be wondering what the big deal is when you have your paving worked on during the colder seasons. After all, what does it matter what the weather is when your paving is going through some issues?

The issue with the colder weather is the simple fact that paving, asphalt paving, in particular, is very sensitive to changes in the temperature. There is a reason why your asphalt paving company recommends that you have your paving worked on during the warmer months.

The warmer temperatures are better for your pavement as the heat allows your paving to cure and set properly, since it takes longer, which allows for better durability and the proper setting of your paving as a whole.

In the cold, since there is wind to deal with and a lower temperature, the asphalt sets much faster, which means that there is less time for it to set, which means that it results in a weaker set and lower durability.

What can I do about this?

Now that you know the importance of working on your Lakeland parking lot paving during the warmer season, you might be wondering what you can do about it, especially as you cannot plan for emergency asphalt paving procedures. While you cannot completely erase the potential for these emergencies happening, you can perform preventative maintenance to minimize the risk of this happening.

Preventative maintenance takes the form of regular paving inspections, crack filling and sealing, as well as seal coating, all of which go a long way of keeping your paving in optimal condition so that it does not end up breaking down unexpectedly.

Whenever you need to do any form of major repairs, such as resurfacing, you always have to make sure that you have these done during the warmer seasons in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong with it in the future, which allows you to extend the lifespan of your paving.

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