How Versatile Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is mainly used for building and constructing roads and pavements, particularly for Lakeland parking lot paving. But while 90 percent of the asphalt produced in the United States is used for paving roads and driveways, there’s also that 10 percent being used on other surfaces.

Asphalt is completely versatile, especially because it is environmental-safe and -friendly. It so easy to apply, too, that more and more contractors are turning to it instead of concrete materials. Asphalt’s other purposes are:


If you noticed, most of the playgrounds, bicycle paths, running tracks and tennis courts are made of asphalt, and not of concrete. While there was a time before that cement was used to pave playgrounds, many community leaders turned to asphalt because of how rough concrete pavement can be. Since we cannot always be behind our kids to catch their fall, it would be better if they use asphalt, which gives out a smooth surface, for children’s playgrounds. The chances of them getting hurt because of concrete pavement is higher than asphalt pavement.


Many people thought that because there were concerns about the cancerous materials in an asphalt road’s binder, asphalt itself cannot be used on barn floors and greenhouses. In fact, barns use asphalt pavement for their flooring, and the same goes with greenhouses. Apparently, plants actually thrive even when the greenhouse has an asphalt flooring.


Industrial places like ports, landfills and work sites use asphalt for one main reason: it is cheap. Certainly, you don’t need a landfill to have an expensive material like cement as flooring. Asphalt is fine. Not only is it affordable, it is also recyclable, and lasts definitely longer than a cement pavement.

Building construction

Yes, the flooring of buildings can be made with asphalt. Not everything you see is in buildings are made of concrete. Since asphalt is cheaper and way more environment-friendly than concrete, many contractors opt to use it in their projects.

Lakeland parking lot paving is not the only way contractors are able to utilize asphalt well. The benefits of asphalt are truly remarkable, so much so that a lot of buildings and floorings are having it applied already. Not only that, since asphalt dries easier than cement, businesses do not usually need to halt their operations because you are waiting for the concrete to dry up.

This versatility of asphalt makes it a favorite among contractors and even made it popular with business owners.

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