How To Spot Suspicious Activities In The Plant City Parking Lot Paving

One of the places that you should ensure the security of is the Plant City parking lot paving of your organization. Not only are you passing through this parking lot, your employees and your clients are also using this area to leave their vehicles and their belongings.

If they feel unsafe just walking in the parking lot of your office, they will likely not return to your place of business and your employees might try to find someplace else to work.

One of the things that you must train your employees in is spotting suspicious activities in the parking lot. Unfortunately, many thieves and criminals use the parking lots of buildings to do illegal activities. They can trade illegal drugs or steal from vehicles.

Some big syndicates have also used the parking lot to exchange ransom. Training employees to pick up the signs that something illegal is going on in the parking that will enable you to report it to proper authorities.

Train your employees to report these suspicious activities in the parking lot:

– People who stay too long in the same place inside their cars for too long.
– People who walk around the parking lot and don’t seem to belong there or to work in the building.
– People carrying big bags and concealing objects. They should also be wary of people who leave suspicious packages and bags behind.
– People who walk around and try the handles of cars. If they don’t have the keys to the car, it is not theirs.
– People who conduct business transactions inside vans and cars. Many criminal activities have already happened inside vans in dingy and dark parking lots.

There should be a separate security authority that is tasked to monitor the ongoings in the Plant City parking lot paving. This is separate from the unit who manages the security of your whole building. You should put special emphasis on the security of your parking lot because a lot of things can happen there, especially at night after working hours.

So, how can you ensure that your employees and customers will remember these rules and reminders? You should post these in an area of your parking lot that can easily be noticed. You should also be posting it inside the elevator or the stairs that lead to your parking lot. It is nice to remind your employees and your customers every chance you get.

You never know when something illegal can happen in your parking lot. As much as you will try to secure the area for your employees and clients, there is no 100% sure measure that will discourage criminals from doing illegal activities there.

You may also set up training for your employees. A lot of workplace seminars discuss the security of employees when they are in their offices. If you can, encourage the use of escorts and buddy system. This means that no one employee will walk alone in the Plant City parking lot paving especially at night.

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