How to Prepare Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving For Repair

You have recently noticed that your Plant City parking lot paving has cracks and potholes on the surface layer. You’ve done a good job of calling professional paver contractors to repair the pavement. But what happens to your parking lot in the meantime? Can you still use it? Where will your employees and customers park their cars for now? How long will it take to repair the pavement?

Depending on the magnitude of what needs to be fixed, you can have your parking lot back in as fast as two days (sometimes, even less). In the meantime, you need to prep everyone that there’s going to be a lot of construction noise in the building. Tell your employees that they should consider taking public transportation to work. You can also arrange for a nearby parking lot to take in your employees’ vehicles. You can pay the building manager a fee for the inconvenience.

You can also reimburse your employees if they are going to take a cab or an Uber from their homes to the office. This goes to show your appreciation of their dedication to attend to their jobs even if it’s inconvenient for them to get in and out of the building.

As for your customers, make sure that there’s a parking lot nearby where they can leave their cars. Again, you should offer to pay for the parking lot, especially if these are loyal clients of your business. You should post an apology on your social media accounts, website, and on the physical site, explaining why your parking lot needs to be closed for the day. Your customers will appreciate that you’re trying to improve your facilities for their convenience.

Should you close down the building while the parking lot is being repaired? There should be no reason to. Your Plant City parking lot paving is one feature of your business. It helps to have it because customers want to feel safe going to and from your building. However, you’ll also leave a lot of your non-car-driving customers unhappy. Don’t you care for them, too? Should you not worry about the transactions they need to make with your website? You aren’t only serving customers with cars, right?

You’ll be losing a lot of money if you close down your business for a day or two. Although your customers will understand that you’re only doing it for their convenience, it still wouldn’t look good for your business to not be able to adjust to minor inconveniences.

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