How To Hire An Asphalt Paving Contractor

The thing about hiring a Winter Haven parking lot paving is it’s not all about ensuring the reputation of the company. It’s not just about having the proper license and the insurance. It’s not just about having the best customer service in the city.

It’s about quality and the process they follow in paving or repaving your driveway or parking lots. Although factors such as image, pricing and recommendations are important, your knowledge about the process of asphalt paving must also play a role in hiring a quality contractor.

Research, research, research

How hard is it? To sit before your computer, turn it on, and read as much as you can about the companies you are eyeing. The multitude of articles on the internet will not fail you. There will be positive reviews. There will be negative ones. The trick to balance these reviews is to check its authenticity. Where was the review published? Are there photos of the botched job, for example? Did the author reveal who he/she is? Or is it an anonymous review? These things will play into the validity of those reviews.

Of course, if you are really wary about these companies, you must personally visit the site of their projects or their office. This will allow you to see what they have done so far and how they are doing it.

Understand asphalt paving

Before going to the negotiating table with these companies, you have to familiarize yourself with the process and even the jargons of Winter Haven parking lot paving. This will help you not get lost when you finally discuss the details of the project.

It’s easy to understand. There are basically two ways an asphalt paving contractor can take care of your driveway or parking lot. They can either apply another layer on it or they can tear out the driveway and redo the paving process. When paving overtop, experts said the contractor should apply a two-inch thick of asphalt on the existing pavement. They should also use commercial-grade asphalt rather than residential-grade asphalt. Although it is rougher, it’s much stronger and lasts longer.

When redoing the pavement, the contractor should first put a gravel base before the three inches of asphalt pavement. If your area has poor drainage, the contractor must apply a deeper base.

These are the things that you should do when you are about to hire a Winter Haven parking lot paving. Since you’re spending a lot of money to making your driveway or parking lot presentable, you have the right to know what products, equipment, and methods will be used or applied on it.

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