How to Guarantee a Solid Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

Your Winter Haven parking lot paving is a solid investment for your business. However, because of how costly it is, you’re going to want to make sure that you get the most out of your paving. This includes making it last as long as possible. It can be very easy to get caught up in the promises of a contractor that is offering a parking lot priced below marketing value.

However, doing so can run the risk of a faulty parking lot that is prone to damage. To help you make sure that you get a strong parking lot, here are some ways that you can guarantee a solid Winter Haven parking lot paving.

Make sure to thoroughly prepare the site

You cannot have a strong parking lot if the site that it is being built on is weak. Because of this, you should make sure to work with an asphalt pavement contractor to have a professional inspect your site to determine if you have a good foundation for your paving.

If you have a pre-existing layer of asphalt paving, then you should make sure that the entire old paving is thoroughly removed. If there are any traces of the old pavement on the site and you lay a new pavement on top of it, the new pavement may be affected. The site will have to be properly cleaned and prepped before work on the new pavement starts.

Lay down a strong base

The base layer is arguably the most important layer of any Winter Haven parking lot paving, mainly because if this is done improperly, the rest of the pavement will be faulty. If you want to guarantee a strong base layer, then you need to make sure to work with an asphalt contractor like General Asphalt Paving to lay down a solid base layer for your new parking lot.

Guarantee your drainage system

A large part of getting a solid asphalt paving is giving it the infrastructure that it needs to last a long time. One of the most important parts of a long-lasting parking lot is a strong drainage system. Any asphalt paving is susceptible to damage caused by water, so a good drainage system goes a long way in avoiding this sort of damage in your parking lot.

You should also make sure to inspect your pavement’s drainage system so that you can keep an eye out for any damage or debris that could be affecting its functions so that it can continue to keep water off of your pavement.

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