How To Close Plant City Parking Lot Paving For Repairs and Construction

If your Plant City parking lot paving needs repairs and maintenance work, you need to relocate your tenants until the project has been finished.

But finding a temporary parking space for your tenants is the easy part. The hard part is preparing your parking lot for seal coating and repairs and notifying tenants that their business transactions are about to be interrupted.

Prepare for Repairs

The repair of your parking lot cannot begin unless the pavement has completely dried. That’s why most repairs and construction in this field happens during the summer season.

Even then, you’ll have to make sure the lot is completely dried and that the sprinkler system has not been turned on for at least a couple of days. The sprinkler system must remain closed until such time that the project has been completed.

Notify Employees and Tenants

You are responsible for providing your tenants with temporary parking space while your lot is under maintenance and repair. Notify your tenants and employees in advance so they can make the necessary adjustments.

Some of them may need to leave home earlier than usual because they’d have to park their cars farther than their usual spots. The tenants will have to notify their customers that there will be construction and repair work so they cannot use the parking space.

Freshly seal coated areas can be reopened to pedestrians within just a few hours. For vehicle traffic, they will need at least 24 hours to dry. On the other hand, newly paved areas will have to be closed to both kinds of traffic for at least 24 hours.

Having maintenance and repair work in the parking lot will also require the presence of workers and heavy machinery. It is important to warn tenants and employees that there will be noise from the construction work. They should also be notified about the entrance and exit that they will temporarily use while the repair is ongoing.

Close One Section at a Time

If you have a large parking lot, you don’t have to close the whole section at once. Choose the areas that you will close in the meantime. Divide your Plant City parking lot paving into sections and close the areas that will be repaired while the other areas should be opened for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

You can also opt to schedule the parking lot repair outside business hours. This will protect the tenants from getting distracted and interrupted. It will also work better for the contractor and workers because they can work freely and without worrying about how they’re interrupting the business.

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