How Construction Workers Stay Safe on Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Sites

Any construction site, not just for Lakeland parking lot paving, can be dangerous, especially if the proper safety measures are not takes. Most reputable paving companies implement regulations to make sure that their workers stay safe from harm while they work.

However, while these measures go a long way in guaranteeing worker safety, they won’t be completely effective unless the workers themselves also do their part in keeping an eye out for their own safety.

This is why workers are required to wear the mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to keep themselves safe from any dangers found on the Lakeland parking lot paving construction site.

The PPE however, is the final line of defense for workers when operating within the construction site. Here are some of the ways that workers keep themselves safe when working on a Lakeland parking lot paving site.

Protect the sensitive parts of your body

When you’re working on a Lakeland parking lot paving site, you risk being exposed to all kinds of chemicals and aggregate dust. Because of that, you want to protect the sensitive parts of your body, like your eyes and mouth.

When working with pavement and the aggregate that make up the paving, the loose dust can get into your eyes and your mouth, which can pose a significant health risk. In order to avoid this, wear the needed protective equipment for your eyes and your mouth.

Protect your skin

Asphalt is usually processed under warm or hot temperatures, and if you’re not careful, you risk burning your skin on the freshly applied asphalt. There is a reason why asphalt is usually installed during the warmer summer months.

In order to protect yourself from the heat of the asphalt, make sure that you wear protective clothing like gloves when handling the asphalt, and long sleeves, pants, and boots at all times when you’re in the construction site.

Keep an eye out for blind spots

One of the biggest causes of injuries on a Lakeland parking lot paving construction site is getting hurt by equipment and other materials on the site because the other workers did not see you. This is why it’s very important to wear the neon vest that is a part of any PPE, as well as keep an eye out for any blind spots.

These blind spots are areas that workers may not see you, especially when operating heavy equipment and machinery. If you’re caught in the middle of these equipment because you weren’t paying attention and the other workers did not see you, then you risk getting severly injured.

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