How Can You Make Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving More Sustainable?

It’s important that every business and residence that wants a Winter Haven parking lot paving will choose sustainable and eco-friendly materials and systems. With so much happening in the environment right now, it is pertinent that your pavement does not contribute to the degradation of the planet. Rather, it should work to make sure that its pavement and the way it is constructed environment has as little impact on the environment as possible.

When you start to research for eco-friendly pavement materials, you’ll hear about two things primarily: asphalt and concrete. Both have their benefits, but it is asphalt that has a better record in terms of eco-friendliness.

100% Recyclable

And this is why asphalt is the better choice. This material is topnotch because it can be recycled 100%, which means that even asphalt that cracked and got broken down into tiny pieces can be salvaged and reused. The contractor can use a mix of new and old asphalt mixed with aggregate material and binder for pavements, roads, and parking lots.

If you have an old asphalt pavement that badly needs repair, the upside to it is that you won’t need to buy new materials. The contractors can break the asphalt pavement, mix it up with new asphalt, put a binder in it, and apply it on the pavement. This is easily the best way for your pavement to ger repaired without spending so much money because if truth be told, pavement repairs are costly and effortful.


Asphalt is a naturally occurring resource in asphalt lakes and rock asphalt, which is a mixture of sand, limestone, and asphalt. Also called bitumen, asphalt is made up of a sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum.

There are also refined versions of asphalt. This natural resource is found at the bottom of the sea in the form of rocks. Almost 70% of asphalt mined from the sea are used for road construction, although others are also used for waterproofing products, roofing felt, and for sealing flat roofs.

These reasons alone should make asphalt your choice of Winter Haven parking lot paving. Because every time you make a decision about constructing anything in your home, you should do it with a conscience. You should be conscious of the way your every action will affect the environment. A responsible homeowner and business owner will also think about sustainability than pure revenue.

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