Helping Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving Survive the Summer Heat

Summer will always be a season that we associate with fun and laughter. However, you can’t deny that the summer heat can be pretty intense, Fortunately, we have ways of combating the summer heat, by cooling off at pools, and staying in the shade. For business owners, they understand how harsh the summer heat can be on their Haines City parking lot paving.

While summer is the best season to install and maintain paving, if you’re not careful, it can be the most damaging to your asphalt as well. Fortunately, as long as you take the proper steps, your parking lot paving will definitely survive the summer season.


The absolute best way that you can prevent any damage from occurring to your asphalt paving during the summer is by regularly having sealcoating applied on to it. Sealcoating is an excellent way of protecting your asphalt paving, not only from the sun, but from other natural elements as well. It prevents water from penetrating the surface of your paving, as well as protects your paving from the chemicals typically found on a parking lot, like oils and gasoline.

If you don’t have any sealcoating, the UV rays from the sun can really do a number on the surface of your paving. They can oxide and break down the binder that holds your asphalt together. Sealcoating also provides your paving with protection throughout the rest of the year, and helps your avoid the worst of the damage typically caused during the colder months.

Avoid over stressing your paving during peak hours

It’s best to leave any heavy duty work or stress on your paving during the summer for the later hours of the day. This is because the intense heat from the sun can heat up and soften the asphalt on your paving, making it more susceptible to damage caused by heavy duty tools and the like. Even something as simple as your local garbage collection truck coming round to take out the dumpster can cause some damage when carried out during peak hours of the day.

Take any opportunity that you can to wash your paving

While it is true that standing water can be a bad sign for your paving, it helps to take any opportunity to wash your paving with water to cool it off once in awhile. Cooling it off can help strengthen it on those days where the sun is hot enough to literally melt your asphalt. Of course, you shouldn’t waste water, especially during the summer, so wash off your Haines City parking lot paving when you have extra water, such as during a car wash.

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