Has Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Seen Better Days?

Between 10 and 20 years from now, that newly constructed Winter Haven parking lot paving will undergo a big transformation. If maintained well, it could give you a few more years before it needs to be repaired and reconstructed. If there are massive problems, however, it may force you into a reconstruction project and redesign the whole parking lot.

Parking lots, driveways, and roads that are made of asphalt can stand the test of time. Many of these last for decades with only minor repairs and replacements in-between. However, there are instances when the pavement can no longer be salvaged. If the asphalt pavement usually cracks, then this is a bad sign of a decaying sublayer.

The more cracks the pavement has on its surface, the more air can get into the layers below it. This means that the sublayer and base layer are not as compact as before. They could collapse from the pressure from the surface layer where foot and vehicular traffic is impossible to stop.

But foot and vehicular traffic isn’t the only reason why pavements do not last for a long time. The installation of a sprinkler system, as well as landscape plans, may also weaken the layers of soil below the asphalt pavement. In particular, a sprinkler system needs to pass under the driveway or sidewalks. The pressure of the water that flows through the pipes may affect the soil surrounding them. On the surface, you will notice alligator cracks and vein-like cracks.

Sure, you can try resurfacing or reconstructing the pavement even. But if the problems will continue to persist, then there’s no way you can get out of this cycle of pavement issues. It might be time to admit the fact that the Winter Haven parking lot paving has seen better days. It is time to renovate the parking lot, redesign it, and even consider not getting an asphalt pavement for it?

Nothing will change the fact that asphalt pavement is the most economical and cost-effective material to use on the parking lot surface. The fact that the Winter Haven parking lot experienced some problems isn’t the asphalt material’s fault. It is neither the fault of the contractor, too. Instead, it is the lack of proper maintenance that exacerbated the pavement issues. The less focused you are on the maintenance of the pavement, the more likely these problems will continue.

So although your parking lot may have seen better days, there are still options you can explore to repair it. This time, make sure to maintain it well.

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