What Happens When a Plant City Parking Lot Paving Isn’t Installed Well?

It’s fairly easy to identify what a good Plant City parking lot paving looks like. There’s nothing quite like the black finish of a freshly installed parking lot.

Because of its aesthetic value, and a number of addition benefits that it provides businesses, it’s no surprise why plenty of business owners are looking into having a parking lot installed at their stores.

However, you are only able to reap these benefits if the parking lot that you commissioned was installed properly. Otherwise, you risk experiencing early damages on your pavement that will end up being quite costly to repair and maintain.

While damage in your pavement is inevitable, there are certain types of paving issues that are indicative of improperly installed paving. Here are some of the things that might happen to a poorly installed parking lot pavement.

Early cracking

Cracking will definitely happen to your paving, given enough time. Your parking lot is designed to carry heavy loads. If your paving has been installed properly, then it will be able to bear those loads. But given enough time, and enough heavy loads, then some signs of cracking may happen.

The best thing to do in this situation is to keep an eye out for these cracks, and patch them up as soon as possible. However, if you’re seeing signs of cracking far too early on after paving installation, then there might be an underlying issue that you need to look into.

Cracking is meant to show up naturally by the sixth year at the earliest. If you’re seeing cracks within the first year after installation, then there might have been some issues with your paving installation.

Alligator cracking

Alligator cracking is another issue that will definitely show up if there are any problems with your paving installation. This type of damage is characteristic of an alligator’s skin, hence the name.

If you see signs of alligator cracking in your asphalt, this may indicate problems with the subgrade or base layer, or a poor drainage system. If this happens, the entire paving must be patched as surface repairs will not help fix the problem.


Signs of rutting is characterized by depressions formed along the tire tracks. This indicates that the thickness of your asphalt is not sufficient to bear the load that your pavement is currently experiencing. It also indicates improper compaction of your asphalt.

In order to avoid issues that result from improper pavement installation, always hire and consult with a reputable Plant CIty parking lot paving company. Their expertise will help guarantee that you don’t end up with a faulty parking lot.

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