What Happens When Cars Hit Potholes on a Plant City Parking Lot Paving

Potholes are considered a very serious issue in your Plant City parking lot paving. These are usually caused by water getting into the internal structure of your asphalt paving via an cracks that are found on the surface. Once the colder seasons come around, the water freezes, expanding the area around it.

When it gets warmer, the ice melts, and this cycle repeats over and over, resulting in an expanding and contracting action that eventually wears down the interior of the asphalt paving. Once the foundation has weakened enough, traffic on the surface can cause pressure, resulting in a collapse, and eventually forming a pothole.

Potholes are a bad sign for your asphalt paving, as these don’t look good for your business, and are a safety risk for the cars that park on your parking lot. Here are some things that happen to cars when they regularly encounter potholes.

Gradual wearing and tearing, resulting in expensive damage

If a car encounters a pothole, on the surface, you can feel the entire car shake from the impact of it. If your tires are properly inflated with adequate air pressure, and the pothole is shallow enough, your car would have no problems absorbing the impact. However, if you encounter bigger potholes, the damage may be worse than you think.

Extensive damage caused by potholes can be seen by damage to the rims of your tires, as well as significant damage to your suspension. You may not see it at first, so you shrug it off, and consider yourself lucky that nothing seems to have happened to your vehicle.

However, if you constantly encounter a pothole, your car is going to experience a lot of damage as a result from this. Even if you only hit it once a day, over time, that damage is going to add up, and in the end, your can can break down prematurely, because of the wear and tear.

This damage can be very expensive to fix, especially if the damage is focused on your car’s suspension. If you don’t get your suspension fixed as soon as possible, the alignment can be off, and result in damages seen in other areas of the vehicle.


One type of damage seen in cars that hits potholes is tire blowout, which is first characterized by a bulge on one side of the tire. If a car hits a pothole, he can have a tire blowout, swerves, and can potentially hit another driver. Potholes can cause damage not just to the vehicle, but to drivers themselves.

Because of these, it is very important to get any cracks and potholes on your Plant City parking lot paving patched up as soon as possible in order to prevent any damage from occurring to the vehicles and drivers that park there.

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