Your Haines City Parking Lot Paving and How the Seasons Impact It

Your Haines City parking lot paving is extremely durable, but at the same time, is quite sensitive to certain things. If your paving has been installed properly, then it will hold its durability, especially if you combine it with a proper maintenance and repair routine. However, despite its durability, as we’ve said, it is very prone to damage caused by certain factors.

From the very materials that it is designed to contain, to the natural elements like water, there are a number of different factors that may cause serious damage to your pavement if the proper measures are not taken. One of those, surprisingly enough, are the different seasons. Here are how the different changes in season can cause damage to your parking lot.

Cold seasons

The cold season damages your pavement when it is paired with other variables that combine to cause serious damage to your Haines City parking lot paving. For the cold season to cause damage to your paving, water must first get into the internal structure of your pavement via cracks found on the surface of your pavement.

Once it’s in, and the cold season sets in, that water will begin to freeze. When it does, the area surrounding it will begin to expand, causing the crack to widen just a little bit wider. When the warmer season comes back round, the water melts, causing the area to contract.

If enough cycles occur, the internal structure of your pavement will become severely weakened and compromised. If weight is placed on it, it will eventually collapse into a pothole.

Hot seasons

When it is hot, not just warm, but hot, then the sun’s UV rays are bearing down on the surface of your parking lot. When that happens, the asphalt binder that holds the paving aggregate together can begin to break down, and eventually erode.

In addition to this, the heat can cause more cracks to form on the surface of your pavement, as well as fading. It can also create soft spots on the pavement surface because of the extreme heat, which can eventually lead to more damage.

Rainy seasons

In addition to the issue of water getting into the foundation of your Haines City parking lot paving, if water tends to run on your pavement regularly without proper drainage, it will eventually erode the surface of your parking lot surface. It can also slowly wash off the asphalt binder that holds your paving together.

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