Haines City Parking Lot Paving Contractors Are Not Landscapers

Nothing is more annoying than asking you to do a job you did not advertise for in the first place. When clients and customers see an ad about a Haines City parking lot paving, they may be thinking that they should hire the company to “open up” their driveway more or to make their front lawns more aesthetically pleasing. Though a well-paved driveway contributes to the aesthetic aspect, this is not the primary job of an asphalt pavement contractor.

The common notion is that when an asphalt pavement contractor does the job on your driveway, it will automatically be turned into a drive with trees on the sides arching and making everything look like it came out of a fairytale book. The truth is, the job of an asphalt pavement contractor is very technical. It talks about soil, land, terrain, asphalt, aggregates, sealcoating, etc. There’s nothing aesthetic about paving a driveway, except that it ensures the safety of the homeowners and everyone who will pass on it either by foot or vehicle traffic.

So, yes, stop asking an asphalt contractor about what trees or plants would look best on the sides of your driveway and on your front lawn. That is not their job. What their job entails is to make sure that your driveway is well-paved and that the asphalt material they installed in it will last for a long time. They can talk to you about how asphalt is a recyclable material and is the most environment-friendly material for pavement out there, but they cannot advise you on how to make your driveway look like the ones leading to European castles. That’s a job for a landscape artist or a landscaping architect.

Do not worry, though, we doubt very much that asphalt pavement contractors are miffed at being asked about landscaping. Since most of them have seen lots of different driveways and parking lots throughout their careers, they are very versed on what you want to know about how landscapers do their job. What they can give you are snippets of stories about past projects they did with landscape architects and how much the cost per square feet of land. Maybe they would even have a contact who can do the work for you?

Remember, an asphalt pavement contractor works with a lot of people throughout the projects that they did. They know a lot of people in the construction and landscape business. So although you cannot ask for their advice regarding your lawn, they surely can connect you to the people who are experts in what you want to know.

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