Good Questions to Ask Your Next Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Contractor

A good Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor is crucial to the success of any paving installation project. Good contractors know how to work with the best crew for your paving project, not to mention what materials should be used to guarantee the kind of stability and longevity that your paving needs without breaking the bank.

However, there are some sketchy individuals out there as well, and you want to stay away from these people as much as possible. But how do you know who the best contractor for your paving job is?

Here are some questions that you can ask potential Winter Haven parking lot paving contractors to determine if they’re the right person for your paving project.

Can I see your references?

Of course, you should always ask for references when you hire a contractor. Social proof is a very important component in a high-cost industry like the paving industry, and you want to know if you can trust the contractor who is going to handle your paving project.

It’s important to check their references so that you know what kind of person the contractor that you’re considering is. Checking completed projects and previous clients will give you a better insight into what kind of person the contractor is and how well they handle a project.

How long have you been in business?

This isn’t very important, but it is still a good idea to ask a potential contractor about how long they have been in business for. As much as possible, you want to work with a contractor that has several years of experience that is backed by previous clients and projects.

A more experienced contractor is preferable because you can be assured that the contractor in charge of your Winter Haven parking lot paving project is experienced enough to know exactly what your project needs.

What’s your warranty on paving installations?

You want to work with a paving contractor that stands by their work, so asking them about their warranty policy can help assure you of how confident they are in their paving projects.

Plenty of paving contractors offer warranties up to a year, where any signs of damage that meet specific criteria are covered by the contractor.

What areas do you service?

As much as possible, you want to work with a local Winter Haven parking lot paving contractor. A local contractor and company are more likely to be capable of handling your projects within a shorter timespan.

You are also more likely to guarantee the quality of work and materials with a local company as they don’t have to travel long distances just to work on your paving project.

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