Getting Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Ready For The Summer

The changing of the seasons usually means harm for your Winter Haven parking lot paving. As you may have noticed, the temperature is slowly rising, which means that your asphalt pavement will soon be suffering under the heat of the scorching sun. Every time the season starts to transition to the next one, you should be reliable enough to make sure that your parking lot is ready for the rising or dropping temperature.

Too much heat can cause the asphalt pavement to disintegrate, so you need to check the surface layer of the parking lot if there are any fissures, cracks, or potholes. If there’s none, you should still check out chemicals you can apply on top of the surface layer. There are many options in the market that can protect your pavement from the changing weather.

Regular maintenance

Every day, make it a point to inspect your asphalt pavement for any signs of deterioration. As soon as you see a crack or a pothole, you have to call your contractor to have it checked. Hopefully, the cracks only affected the surface layer. But if it affected the layers below down to the base layer, you will have to replace that part of the asphalt pavement. When it comes to regular maintenance, it’s not enough that you check it yourself. You also have to ask your contractor to make a more in-depth checkup of the pavement. Most of the time, a regular maintenance checkup is included in your contract.

Clean your parking lots

This may come as a surprise to you, but the deterioration of a parking lot may actually be caused by mere debris and fallen leaves. That’s right. Some of these debris can get caught in the drainage system, causing water to pool on the surface layer. When that happens, this water can break down the defenses of the surface layer. It will weaken the surface layer and can sip down to the layers below. It’s then very easy for the breakout of pavement to happen. Water is the greatest enemy of the longevity of a pavement. You certainly wouldn’t want water to get into your pavement layers.

Set aside a budget

Regular maintenance, repair, and replacement of asphalt pavement can be very expensive. If you are not prepared for it, you can be truly surprised. That’s why it is always advisable for you to set aside a certain budget exclusively for the maintenance and repair of your Winter Haven parking lot paving.

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