Get Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving Sealed This Summer

If you’ve had a Winter Haven parking lot paving for a while, you are probably already well-aware of the importance of regular maintenance. Something that you should know about pavement maintenance is the fact that most, if not all forms of pavement maintenance and repairs should be done during the summer months, and for very good reason.

One of the most important forms of maintenance that you need to do for the benefit of your Winter Haven parking paving is seal coating your pavement. Read on to learn more about the importance of seal coating and why this needs to be done during the summer seasons.

What is seal coating?

Before anything else, you might be wondering what a seal coating is and what this does for your pavement. In a nutshell, seal coating is the application of a layer of sealant on to the surface layer of your pavement.

As much as possible, you should have this done every two years or so, depending on how much use your pavement goes through. To get an accurate schedule, you should consult a paving contractor like General Asphalt Paving to tell you how often you should have your pavement sealed.

This sealant acts as a layer of protection for your pavement against some of the most common causes of damage to your parking lot paving. This includes protection against water, the UV rays of the sun, and it has the added benefit of refreshing the look of your paving.

A regular application of a sealant on to your paving can go a long way for the health and overall condition of your Winter Haven parking lot paving.

Why should this be done during the summer season?

Now you might be wondering why summer is the best season for the seal coating process of your parking lot pavement. You should know that any major forms of maintenance and repairs to your parking lot pavement should be done over the summer months because the heat from the sun provides the best conditions needed for the materials used in the asphalt pavement to cure and set properly.

If the materials are not allowed to cure, then this can result in an overall weaker pavement, which can cause problems for your pavement in the future. In the case of seal coating, this needs to be done summer the summer months because the sealant needs to be allowed to set properly if you want it to provide your paving with the protection that it promises.

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