General Repair And Installation Services For Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

If you want to make a great impression to your customers, you need to wow them the moment they set foot on your property. You can do that with a well-paved and properly-installed Winter Haven parking lot paving. They will feel safe leaving their cars and their belongings (because let’s admit it, we do this often) in the parking lot.

If you noticed unsightly cracks, dreary color and texture, and potholes on your pavement, it’s time to do a thorough inspection of the parking lot—from top to bottom. If you begin to have storm management problems, maybe a look into your drainage system will go a long way towards solving this problem.

Subgrade surface evaluation and installation

If the problem seems to be monumental, it might be cropping up from the subgrade surface, the base layer of the asphalt pavement. It is a good investment to have a parking lot paving contractor inspect the quality of the base layer. The main reason why pavement surfaces collapse is because of the depreciating quality of the base layer.

If the soil was not compacted properly, it would be incapable of bracing for the impact of cars and trucks parking and driving on the asphalt pavement. The top surface layer could easily collapse because the foundation was weak from the beginning.

Re-paving and grading

Maybe the problem was only on the top surface? If it is, then that’s easily repaired and maintained. The contractor might simply have to repave the top layer of the pavement without repairing the base layer.

This would take a considerably shorter amount of time than the contractor having to dig into the base layer of the Winter Haven parking lot paving.

One of the things they would also apply on the pavement is a sealcoating solution that would protect the top layer from damage caused by water, UV rays, etc.

Proper storm water management and drainage

Is water pooling on the top layer of the Winter Haven parking lot paving? Is it seeping into the pavement, weakening the base layer?

The problem might not be the pavement at all, but the drainage system in your establishment. There might not have a proper drainage system put in place before the pavement was installed.

A good contractor would first inspect where the water is going when there’s rain or there’s snow. When the pipes are clogged or the water has nowhere to go, it would simply stay stagnant on the pavement, weakening it layer by layer.

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