Smooth Plant City Parking Lot Paving Is Fuel-Efficient

Smoother pavements and Plant City parking lot paving makes for a more comfortable ride, yes. But what many don’t realize is that investing in smooth pavements is also cost- and fuel-efficient. That means that your cars use less gas when you drive over smooth roads and parking lots.

A study by the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration showed that a truck has lower fuel consumption when the pavement is smoother. Two identical WesTrack vehicles were tested to prove the point.

First, the trucks were tested on a road with the following condition: rough, has fatigue cracking, deteriorated areas, and some parts were patched after core and slab sampling. Afterwards, the vehicles were again tested on the same road. Although this time, the road has been rehabilitated.

The result is that the improvement lessened the international rough index (IRI) of the road by at least 10 percent. As part of the study, the fuel economy, the fuel rate, fuel temperature, torque, and engine speed of the trucks were analyzed. Before rehabilitation, the trucks had a mileage of approximately 1.79 km/l for an eight-week period. After the rehabilitation of the road, the trucks had an average fuel mileage of 1.86 km/l for a seven-week period. The improvement rate is at 4.5 percent.

Can you imagine how much money the trucking company can save just because of well-paved and smoother pavements? That’s why it’s important that the local government understands why they need to address pavement and public parking lot issues. They can help small-scale businesses lessen the brunt of the financial crunch through fuel savings.

The same is true for private citizens. If you’re working an 8-to-5 job and driving at least 1.5 hours a day, that means you’re consuming a lot more fuel when you have to trudge on rough road or pavements with cracks and potholes on them. But if only governments can provide smoother roads, then they are helping the citizenry save some bucks, too, right?

Although smoother roads may cost more because it tends to be a huge project, they will eventually be worth it in the long run. If you own a business, for example, one of the things that you have to focus on is your Plant City parking lot paving. You will attract customers more if you have a well-paved and smooth parking lots. So, despite the fact that you to invest a huge amount of money on it today, you’ll reap the rewards through sales.

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