Four Reasons Why Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving is Cracking

One of the most common forms of damage that you’re going to encounter with your Winter Haven parking lot paving is cracking. Like it or not, your parking lot is not designed to last forever. After a number of years, you will start to see signs of damage on its surface.

Cracking will be one of the first and more prevalent forms of damage that you’re going to run into. Smaller cracks are more or less harmless, but if your cracking starts to get larger and take on more unusual shapes, then this is a cause for concern. To help you figure out how you’re supposed to handle these, read on to learn more about four reasons why your Winter Haven parking lot paving is cracking and what you’re supposed to do about it.

Poor drainage

Your parking lot pavement is prone to damage if it is exposed to standing water for long periods of time. Water can strip the binder on your pavement, which leads to water damage. This is why the drainage system on your parking lot is one of the most important features of your pavement.

Your drainage system keeps water off your parking lot surface. Sometimes, your drainage system can get damaged or clogged up, which leads to standing water on your pavement surface. Part of your responsibility as a pavement owner is to keep this in good working condition so that it can continue to keep water off your parking lot.

Drastic temperature changes

Your asphalt pavement can be highly sensitive to temperature changes, which leads to cracking. When the weather is warm, your pavement will expand, and if the temperature drops too quickly, the pavement will contract.

This continued expand-contract action will lead to the cracking of your pavement. Since there’s nothing that you can do about the weather, the best thing that you can do is simply handle the aftereffects of this through repairs and maintenance.

Excessive traffic weight

When you have your pavement installed, one of the first things that your pavement contractor will ask you is about the expected load that your parking lot is going to take on. This will help them determine how thick it needs to be. The heavier the load, the thicker the pavement is going to be. If your estimate is off, your pavement will see major signs of cracking, so make sure that you present an accurate picture of the kind of load that your pavement will take on.

Lack of maintenance

Neglect will always be one of the most common reasons why your Winter Haven parking lot paving is seeing signs of damage. It is your responsibility as a pavement owner to keep it in good enough condition to prevent damage to it. While it will take some work, this will help prevent costly and serious forms of damage in the long run.

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