Four Kinds of Cracks You Might See On Your Lakeland Parking Lot Paving

When you have a Lakeland parking lot paving installed on your property, you are also assuming the position of caretaker for the paving. It is your responsibility to take care of your paving to make sure that it remains in as best shape as possible for the benefit of your business and property.

One of the main things you’re going to have to look out for is signs of cracking on the surface of your paving. To help you understand this better, learn about the four most common types of cracks that you might encounter on a Lakeland parking lot paving and what to do about them.

Alligator cracking

Alligator cracking is easily characterized by the formation of cracks in the pattern of alligator skin, which is where its name comes from. Alligator cracking is also known as fatigue cracking. The concerning thing about alligator cracking is that it is a sign of a serious foundational issue, such as a weaker base layer, or a drainage issue.

When you see alligator cracking on your paving surface, this is something that you need to attend to as soon as possible as it will only continue to get worse. However, due to the nature of the damage, it’s important to not cut corners when it comes to repairing this.

Transverse cracking

Transverse cracks are characterized by perpendicular cracks that form on your paving surface. These are usually caused by pavement overload or low temperatures in the area. Because the cold temperatures cause the paving aggregate to shrink back, cracking eventually occurs.

If you combine this with the heavy weight of the vehicles driving on the surface of the paving, the cracking will eventually widen even further, requiring immediate repair.

Block cracking

Block cracking is easily identified by the formation of cracks in a blocking pattern on the pavement surface. Like transverse cracking, block cracking can be caused by lower area temperatures, which causes paving shrinkage, and results in the formation of the cracks. However, this is easily fixed by simply resurfacing your pavement.

Edge cracking

As the name suggests, edge cracking begins from the edge of your Lakeland parking lot paving and slowly spreads to the center of your pavement.

This is usually seen on the narrower pavement where the cars are more likely to drive along the edges of the pavement. It is also more likely to happen if the base layer of the pavement is weak or not installed properly.

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