Five Things That Can Ruin Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

When it comes to maintaining your Plant City parking lot paving, you will find that there are plenty of external factors that can cause damage to your paving. In order to make sure that you deal with the worst of the damage, you should learn about the different causes of damage to your paving so that you know the proper steps to take for these. Learn more about the five most common causes of damage to your Plant City parking lot paving.

The natural elements

Surprisingly enough, one of the most common causes of paving damage can be attributed to natural elements such as the weather and changes in temperature. Extreme heat and exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause the aggregate binder to warp, loosening the aggregate themselves.

This can lead to cracking and other forms of damage. Colder weather can cause the freezing of any water that is found inside the cracks of your pavement, which can lead to foundation damage and eventually, potholes.

In order to prevent this from happening, you should always inspect your paving before and after the change in seasons and stay on top of regular maintenance and repairs, like sealcoating and crack filling.

Corrosive materials

Chemicals that are typically found in cars, such as gasoline and oil, can cause corrosive damage to your Plant City parking lot paving surface. These chemicals can break down the asphalt binder, which can cause raveling on your pavement. The best way to protect your pavement from this is by making sure to apply regular sealcoating to your paving surface and to always wash your pavement.

Heavy loads

When your pavement is being designed, your contractor will ask you how much traffic load your pavement is expected to take on. Make sure that you give an accurate number as this will affect the thickness of your base layer. If your base layer is too thin for the amount of traffic your paving takes on, you will definitely see early signs of damage and deterioration to your pavement.

Tree roots and other vegetation

Are there any trees or bushes that are planted beside your Plant City parking lot paving? Be careful, as the bigger these plants get, the more likely their roots will make its way under your pavement, causing cracking on the surface. Make sure that you plan out the layout of the trees before pavement installation or put up tree root barriers.

Lack of proper maintenance

Of course, while there are plenty of external factors that may cause damage to your Plant City parking lot paving, you may also be causing the same amount of damage by not doing the needed repairs and maintenance on your paving. Make sure that you inspect your paving on a regular basis to make sure that you stay on top of any signs of damage that may have occurred.

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