First Steps To Take When Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving Has Potholes

There is probably nothing worse that can happen to your Plant City parking lot paving than finding out that the surface has potholes and cracks. It would be a nightmare for your business because bottles and cracks on the surface mean a lot of expenses.

This means that you have to call a contractor so that they can fix the problem and the parking lot can be functional again.

However, what happens if you’re in the middle of the holiday season and then you noticed your parking lot has cracks and potholes? Who will you call if your contractor is not available for an emergency service? What can you do for the meantime?

Put a Warning Sign

But holes in buckskin cause a lot of accidents. You don’t want to face a legal section or a civil case because you were careless with your parking lot, right?

The first thing you need to do when you noticed that there are cracks and potholes on the surface of your parking lot is to put up a warning sign that tells your customers to be careful because the lot may be uneven.

You can purchase those orange or yellow cones that you can put around the potholes and the cracks to let your clients know that it is unsafe to pass on that surface.

See if a Sealant Can Fix the Problem

For the meantime that your contractor is not available to fix or repair the parking lot, you can check if you can apply a sealant on the surface so that it can temporarily seal the cracks and potholes.

This is a temporary fix and should no way be a reason for you to invite your customers to use the parking lot surface. Until the parking lot is permanently fixed, you should warn your customers not to use the space.

Most of the time, sealant can provide a good fix for your breaking up problems. However, in case that it won’t do the job well, you should immediately call your contractor the moment they become available.

Check the Parking Lot for Other Problems

Once you see that there are already cracks and potholes in one area of the parking lot, this means that the same things might be present in the other areas of the parking lot. Immediately check all the areas of the parking lot—-every nook and cranny—so that you can be sure there are no other Plant City parking lot paving woes.

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