Factors That May Affect Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

While it is safe to say that no two Winter Haven parking lot paving structures are the same, they have many similar factors that make it easy to predict what kind of conditions can affect the outcome of a paving application. Factors like location and climate can affect how quickly your parking lot paving will deteriorate. However, proper parking lot maintenance and preventative measures can be taken to guarantee that your parking lot keeps its condition. Here are the factors that may affect the outcome of your parking lot paving application.

Your parking lot paving current condition

Taking into account the current condition of your parking lot can play a large role in the outcome of your parking lot maintenance. The extent of, or lack of damage to your parking lot can determine the level of repair or work that has to be done on your paving. This must be done regularly because any fractures or damage, if left unattended, can result in a larger and more expensive repair.


When we talk about timing, we talk about which repairs must be prioritized. If you make repairs at the wrong time, then the outcome of you repair may be compromised. For example, it is best to apply sealcoating during the spring, before summer, as this layer of protection can prevent damage to your asphalt caused by UV rays and the heat from the sun. Cracks are best filled in before winter because if left unattended, can widen because of the freezing and thawing of the water that will pool in these cracks, resulting in a more expansive and costly repair.


Your geographical location, and the climate found there can affect how well your paving repair and maintenance outcome. Knowing your local climate conditions can help you keep an eye out for what damage may need more attention. For example, parking lot paving found in hotter climates should have sealcoating applied more frequently in order to protect your asphalt from the heat and UV rays. Locations that see more rain may require more attention to their catch basins in order to prevent buildup of water on the surface of the paving.

Amount of time to cure the asphalt

It is also important to take into account how long it takes to cure your asphalt paving. If you open your paving too early, it might damage the overall condition of your paving because it wasn’t given enough time to cure and set.

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