Factors That May Affect Lakeland Parking Lot Paving Compaction

When it comes to installing your Lakeland parking lot paving, it’s very important that every step that goes into the whole process is carried out with care. If there are any errors in the installation process, then you may end up with an inferior product and paving.

If these issues are not addressed, then your parking lot paving may end up showing signs of serious damage early on down the road. In addition to carrying out the steps of paving installation carefully, other factors involving the asphalt mix itself have to be looked into as well.

If the mix is too cool upon installation, it may be difficult to carry out a proper asphalt compaction. Compaction is one of the most important steps in a paving installation process. It determines how strong your resulting pavement is, as well as how much load it can carry.

If the compaction process doesn’t go well, then it may affect the overall installation process. To educate you better on how a compaction process is supposed to be carried out, here are some factors that will affect the outcome of a compaction process.

Asphalt mix

Finding the right asphalt mix for your paving can be a tricky thing. Because of the wide variety of mixes available on the market, it can be easy to mistake one for the other.

Make sure that you discuss with your paving contractor to find the right asphalt mix for your paving project. Getting the wrong kind of asphalt mix and binder for you paving can result in a weaker compaction outcome.


The kind of aggregate that you use for your paving project plays a significant role in how well your compaction will go as well. It’s very important that your aggregate mix is the right blend of coarse and fine aggregates. The mix helps determine how much compaction should be applied. If there is too much of either one, then you may end up with an inferior pavement.

External factors

In addition to the asphalt mix, binder, and aggregate that you’ll be using for your paving, there are other external factors that might affect the outcome of your compaction process. Even something as minimal as air temperature and wind velocity can play a large role in determining how well your asphalt compaction is going to come out.

If the temperature is too cool out, the asphalt may dry too quickly, making it brittle and more prone to damage. Even the base conditions of your Lakeland parking lot paving should be taken into consideration. The thickness and quality of this layer will determine how much compaction effort should be put in.

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