4 Factors To Consider Before Installing A Parking Lot

Whether you have a commercial complex, a government building, or an apartment unit, you have to make sure that your customers can access your Winter Haven parking lot paving with ease.

But before you hire a contractor, you must make sure that you have considered a lot of factors and options you have. Think about these four factors long and hard because your decisions can determine if your parking lot paving will last for a long time.

Asphalt or concrete?

There are basically two materials you can choose from: concrete or asphalt. There is no right or wrong answer, but there is a better one. There are key differences between the two, but if you choose asphalt, there are better benefits.

For one, asphalt is cheaper than concrete. It’s the most cost-effective paving option. If you have a tight budget, this is definitely the option for you. Concrete is usually more expensive than asphalt

You may also choose this due to the following reasons: if you live in a cold climate, and if you want easy maintenance of the pavement.

Asphalt pavement is better in cold climate because snow melts easier and faster on asphalt. It can withstand low temperatures without cracking the pavement.

It’s also easier to maintain an asphalt pavement rather than a concrete one. There are ways to stop the deterioration of asphalt through its maintenance.


You need to illuminate the whole parking lot and not just one corner of the lot. Before scheduling for a lightning installation, you need to check with your city for lightning regulations. You may be installing something you cannot use, so make sure that you have all the requirements complete.


You want to make sure that your parking lot is aesthetically pleasing because this will be the first thing your customers will see. If you want to ensure that your clients or tenants to feel at home, then you have to take the necessary steps to make them trust your business.

As much as possible, give focus also on how the parking lot will look like once it’s finished. Put guide lines and even humps. You may even put potted plants for the whole nature-feel to it.

Traffic route

Your Winter Haven parking lot paving needs to have a clear path to your building’s front door. The path must be clearly indicated and it should be well-lit and well-paved and well-equipped.

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