Extending The Life of Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving

Winter Haven parking lot pavingMany homeowners spend a lot of money and time trying to make their house as beautiful as possible. What they fail to notice is the first thing that their guests and neighbors notice about their property—the driveway. The most common type of driveway in America now is one that is made of asphalt. You can see this, too, on almost every Winter Haven parking lot paving surface. But, how does one take care of an asphalt pavement aside from the usual checkup and regular maintenance routines?

Here are some unusual ways you can discover how to take care of your asphalt pavement:

Clean the outside of your house thoroughly

Don’t clean it the way you clean it every day. Do a deep cleaning of your lawn and your driveway. You’ll be surprised how many home issues you’ll discover need your attention. When cleaning your driveway, you can start by removing the fallen dried leaves and putting them in one large garbage bag. After doing this, apply a mild soap on your asphalt driveway and using a pressurized valve and hose, remove the soap and dirt with water.

Remember, although asphalt is very durable, it can still get damaged by sun, rain, snow, drainage problems, and other extreme weather conditions. When your area gets flooded, this could also cause an issue on your asphalt driveway, especially if you fail to clean it after the flood has gone. It will only bring and leave waste and other kinds of substances on your pavement. Aside from that, your cars can also leave transmission fluid and other chemicals on the surface. This could weaken the durability of the asphalt driveway. That is why when you hose off the soap and dirt with pressurized water, you may find more than what you’re expecting.

Stop plants and trees from growing near your driveway

How beautiful are plants- and trees-lined driveways, right? It looks magnificent, but it could also pose a big problem for any homeowner. When plants and trees grow, its roots, no matter how tiny they are, could spread on the surface and even underneath the surface of the pavement. This could weaken the structure and affect the sub-base layer. And because the roots could cause cracks on the pavement, it becomes more susceptible to water, too, which is the biggest problem any asphalt pavement could face. Water, once it enters the layers underneath, could not only weaken the structure, but also cause the pavement to collapse.

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