Extend the Lifespan of Your Winter Haven Parking Lot Paving With These Tips

When you invest in something as expensive as a Winter Haven parking lot paving, you would want it to last as long as possible. After all, you didn’t pay for an entire parking lot only to have it break down in less than five years.

As long as you work with a reputable asphalt paving company, you can be guaranteed that your asphalt pavement will definitely last while. However, you should still be aware of the fact that despite its durability, any pavement is prone to damage given enough time and if you don’t maintain it properly.

If this is something that you’re concerned about, here are some tips that you can use to extend the lifespan of your Winter Haven parking lot paving.

Make sure to patch up any cracks that form

One of the most common types of damage that you will see on your parking lot is the formation of cracks on the surface of your pavement. While they don’t seem like anything serious, you should know about the dangers it can pose to your pavement when left unattended.

When you see cracks that are the size of a few inches forming on your pavement, you should fill and seal these to prevent it from getting any bigger. This also prevents water from getting into these cracks, which can lead to crack widening and potholes if left unchecked.

Keep it clean

Another simple way to extend the lifespan of your paving is by simply keeping it clean. It is quite normal for leaves and other kinds of debris to find its way to your paving surface, but if you don’t do anything about it, it’s going to make your parking lot look unsightly.

Not only that, but a buildup of debris can cause cracks and other forms of damage to your parking lot surface. It’s important to keep your pavement surface properly cleaned to preserve its look and help extend its lifespan.

Wash it down once in a while

As a Winter Haven parking lot paving, it will be naturally expected that there will cars parking on your pavement. However, you should know that the chemicals that these cars give off can corrode the surface of your pavement. Gasoline, oil, and other chemicals can break down the binder that holds your asphalt together, which can cause early breakdown for your paving.

Keep it seal coated

If you’re serious about looking for ways to extend the lifespan of your Winter Haven parking lot paving, you should look into having your pavement seal coated on a regular basis. Seal coating, when done correctly, can provide plenty of protection for your paving by adding a layer of protection as well as maintain its visual appeal.

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