Everything You Need to Know About the Sealoating Process for Your Plant City Parking Lot Paving

When you talk about Plant City parking lot paving maintenance, one of the most popular forms of maintenance out there is seal coating. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, seal coating is the process of covering the surface of your pavement with a layer of sealant.

It is one of the best ways to keep your pavement in good shape. To help you learn more about this, here is everything you need to know about seal coating and the process of seal coating for your Plant City parking lot paving.

What are the benefits of seal coating my pavement?

A lot of people aren’t aware of why seal coating your pavement is important to their pavement. In order to understand the benefits of seal coating your paving, you should be familiar with the kinds of damage that your paving is prone to.

As sturdy as your pavement is, there are certain factors that can cause serious damage to your pavement if you’re not careful. The weather is the number one cause of damage to your paving.

The UV rays from the sun can cause cracking in your paving, constant rainfall can wash away the binder of your paving, and the combination between the winter and warmer months can cause potholes in your paving. By applying a regular layer of seal coating on your asphalt pavement, you are giving your pavement adequate protection against the natural elements.

You should remember that your Plant City parking lot paving should be seal coated regularly, but not overdone. This means that you should schedule a seal coating session once every year or so, depending on how much traffic your paving gets on average, and how long it takes for a single coat of sealant to fade.

How do I prep my pavement for seal coating?

Now that you understand the importance of seal coating your pavement, you should learn how to prep your paving for a seal coating session.

While it is possible to handle your seal coating yourself, as much as possible, you should work with a professional Plant City parking lot paving company to guarantee that your paving’s seal coating is carried out properly.

Before you have your pavement sealed, make sure that you fill and seal any cracks found on the surface of your paving. Seal coating only provides protection to your paving and doesn’t repair any signs of damage, so leaving these cracks will only lead to them getting worse, even after seal coating.

It’s also important to clean the surface of your paving to make sure that no debris gets caught during the seal coating process.

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